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After a crossover with one of the most popular game series, Resident Evil, PUBG M has landed another huge crossover event with Godzilla the King of Monster.

See the news here PUBG M will Get A Collaboration with Godzilla and It will Be Good!

The movie has been out yet, Tencent is still going on and on teasing us about the collaboration with the king of monster, and after some time, boom, they finally give us some of the newest teaser in the game.

The collaboration in the game will give you a new Godzilla themed event. The Cool outfit, some Easter eggs scatter around the PUBG M map, and an iconic new emote featuring the unique Godzilla roar in the game.

Personally though, the best in this collaboration is the exclusive Godzilla themed outfit called Godzilla Carapace. It has a unique effect like glowing spikes that will further enhance your killing experience.

There are also another called Ghidorah Carapace like you can see above. It is made based on the King Ghidorah in the movie which is the Godzilla arch nemesis. It has a cool wing like thing and if you had both of the costume you will get an awesome Godzilla themed emote.

However the item can only be bought via the lucky Spin section in the shop. So you will need to push your lucks to buy the costume that you want to. Other item featuring both monster will be Godzilla and Ghidorah T-Shirt, A bullet pan with Ghidorah insignia and so on.

Apart from that you will see some easter eggs in the game such as the silhouette of Godzilla in the water at the start of match making area. Giant footprint of Godzilla that is scattered around the map, and some graffiti featuring both Godzilla and Gidhoh in the game.

However, it is a bit disappointing that both Ghidorah and Godzilla won’t be making a debut inside the game, and there won’t be a new game mode featuring both monster inside the game. But still the updates is so cool and the outfits is bomb!

If you haven’t downloaded the game yet, try it out in both Android and iOS now!

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