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Who didn’t know about a game called Talking Tom. A virtual pet loved by many in the early 2013, it is probably one of the most downloaded game that year. And since then there has been a lot of different version of the game. Including the one where Tom’s girlfriends talks endlessly which is Talking Angela. But we are not here to talk about him. We are here to talk about their newest game which will include both characters, the Talking Tom Hero Dash.


So basically this game is an endless runner game. If you are familiar with the game Temple Run, Subway Surfer, Minion Rush and many other similar genre, then you will definitely find the similarity between those game with this game.

Basically you are playing as Tom, the talking cat, trying to save his friends from a Raccoon Boss. You will be chasing the boss by running and like any other similar genre there will be and obstacle that will hinder you, from a simple road block to a really annoying Raccoon.

There are also some unique superpowers that you can use while running inside the game to help you. In this game, you can leap between the rooftops, swing on cranes, and run along the cruise ship to save your little friends. Apart from that, you can also unlock a cool outfits and customized your cute little kitty.

If you loved the genre and love the character then you will definitely love this little game. Click on the link below to download and play the game now!

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App Rating : Talking Tom Hero Dash (Free)
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