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Personally, Card RPG game is my favorite kind of RPG games genre. I don’t really know why most people don’t like it. There are a lot of strategy comes behind it, a lot of thinking and a lot of fun endless game in each runs.

Mainly because each cards can corporate one another and make a huge OP combo that can be used to kill the enemies easily. Some people say, there isn’t a lot of Card RPG genre available for me to play! But thankfully i find out a game called Lophis Roguelike: Card RPG game, Darkest Dungeon.

Despite the not so fun game name, Lophis Roguelike is actually a really fun game that you can play with. The game is a combination of RPG game with Card game. So expect things like level, Health, mana, and of course cards that have a cool effect each time.

First of all, you will pick out your character there are various character each with their own specialty and traits that can be use and utilize depending on the situation. For example one character can have a cards after 3 attacks, another have an ability to use the 4th card twice, and many other. However, you will need to unlock them first before you are able to use them.

The game is really simple, each turn you will get a cards and replenish an energy. To use the cards you will need some amount of energy depending on the cards itself. Like the other, the more OP the card is will cost a whole lot more energy to use.

You can also stack up your energy by ending your turn early on, and you can also stack up more energy by using a cards that you can bought in the store. There are a total of four chapter that you can play in the game, each of course with a whole different boss to experience, and because this is a rogue like game, you will definitely die a lot.

However, don’t be discourage because you will be able to get more powerful cards each time you finish your runs either by beating them or simply by dying a whole lot more. The more chapter you finished the more powerful cards that you will get.

This game is honestly so much fun to play, and i might be biased because i love the genre. It is so fun little strategic game that you can play anywhere, everywhere.

Personally, i don’t like the character design and the UI (Which i find old) because i don’t really love those type of Grimm, design, but that is a matter of preference. In regards of the game play, i really love the overall game play and i really recommend that you guys try it.

App Rating : Lophis Roguelike: Card RPG game, Darkest Dungeon (1$)

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