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If you loved an open world MMORPG game then you might be familiar with the one called Dragon Nest. Dragon Nest is a PC MMORPG games, that is made by Eyedentity Games and is released in 2010.

The game is so popular because of its dungeon diving mechanics, a cool gameplay and the great graphic. The game has been increasingly popular that it is said that the game will have its own MMORPG released by the same company in Mobile, called World of Dragon Nest.

The game is confirmed that it will be available across platform of PC and Mobile. The game has been releasing a little bit information regarding the game in general. The game play about PvE, Raid Bosses, and the Open World aspect of the game.

If you have known about the game or maybe has played the PC version, then you will find a little bit similarity about the game and the MMORPG aspect of the game. However, the World of Dragon Nest has a little bit of freedom regarding the Open world aspect, because you can traverse almost anywhere in the game, either in town, or even while grinding.

However, you will find a whole new story line in relation to the original Dragon Nest role in defending the ancient. Of course with its own charm and stuff. Regardless, you will still find the PvE, Raid Bosses, Dungeon Diving in the World of Dragon Nest game. Apart from that, you will find a whole lot of large scale combat like the other dragon nest mobile game, like Guild wars capable on involving 60 player in one guild wars with 30v30 on each side to fight with each other.

There are also a freedom to customize your character and genre that is not available on the PC version. It is nice. There are also some new feature like a gauge that fills up your special skill. There are also some class system like on the PC version and job advancement class where you will be getting a whole more new skill and more stuff to play with. The weapon also comes as another important thing that will differentiate your combat style from one another.

There are a whole lot more to explore in the World of Dragon Nest that is a lot different than the original PC games. Because this is a mobile game, there will be an auto feature that will be included in the game. So, if you don’t like those auto MMORPG game, you can drop it because you will definitely be disappointed.

Regardless this game is still a good game that you should check out, and it is one of probably the best game that will be released soon. The game will be released in South East Asia first in Thailand through Nexon Thailand, then in Malaysia, Singapore and probably in Indonesia in 2019.

If you are interested, you could click on the official website or simply just wait for next update in our website

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