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Photo taking activities can commonly be spotted in various places, so you are going to love these cartoon picture app! As there are media to express your activities such as Instagram, it’s no wonder people compete to take pictures and share their beautiful moments. Of course, some people want to share high-quality photos to please others.

This has become the growth of various applications that provide features to beautify and even produce beautiful works rather than photos. For some couples, caricature and cartoon styles are very popular. How not, the results of these images look unique, funny, and interesting.

For those of you who like to produce photos with a variety of unique styles, you can try 15 lists of special applications that can turn photos into caricatures, cartoons, and various other types. The cartoon picture app provided is the best, so you don’t have to bother looking for it one by one.

Well, just take a look at the following article.

1. PicsArt Animator for Your Own Animation

Picsart Animator is a companion cartoon picture app output by PicsArt developer that you can use to edit photos from your smartphone’s camera to combine animation. Animations that you can make can be videos and also GIFs. With PicsArt Animator you can freely create animations with various useful features that can be used.

Drawing tools that include various tools for drawing and editing photos, frames, and layers complete layers to support your needs. You can use the Multi-layer feature to create complex animations. With PicsArt Animator you can definitely share the animation results that have been created and amaze them. This application is free and you can easily get it through the Google Play Store.

The free and sophisticated features that you can get through this cartoon picture app include setting the animation in frame by frame, animating timeline for displaying animated results, frames available and free, take your photo and make it animated, complete and sophisticated drawing tools, set the speed and duration of the animation, as well as voice record to be entered into animation

2. Sketch Me! to Sketch Your Own Cartoon

Want the results of your photos in the style of caricatures and sketches? If so, you can try Sketch Me! How to use this cartoon picture app is easy too, you just simply take your selfie picture and choose it, then edit it to your heart’s content with a variety of filters and interesting effects available.

There are various effects that you can try such as opacity, contrast, brightness, effects that include pastels, sketch pencils, and various filters and other effects.  Once you are satisfied with the results the image will be stored in the smartphone gallery. Sketch Me! can also be used on any tablet or Android smartphone.

The specialization of this application itself is to create images with a distinctive style as sketched. Don’t forget to share your work so that other people are amazed. With the appearance and use of a simple, guaranteed you can produce high quality photos and unique.

You can get various styles of cartoons, pop art and caricatures for free, of course. Various features are available in this one editor such as cartoon photo editor, more than 30 different cartoon filters, filter when taking selfie, and other unique and interesting features.

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