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Regarding The Mobile Legends updates that is ongoing, it is definitely going to be a game changer. I mean, look at what Moonton will give us, a new Buff, nerf, a new role (Roamer) and a new item. But today, we will not going to talk about that, but mainly about the buffs / revamp that Argus will get in the next update.

Argus is a fighter hero with a huge damage and high durability, depending on the usage of your skills. I mean, he can tank any damage in any way for a whole 5 seconds, and because of his ultimate effect (that enables him to gain health everytime he hits an enemies heroes).

His health is almost 3 times, making him one of the most annoying heroes to kill. The only thing is that, he doesn’t have a really useful abilities aside from his ultimate. Each times he uses his ultimate, most enemies will go around making him unable to hit the enemies, thus not replenishing his health.

His first skill is a skill shot that is so slow and easily dodge-able, his second skill slows but only for a short while and can easily be dodge by using flicker or sprint. Which is why, most people won’t pick Argus as their main fighter, and player mainly play him for fun.

But Argus himself has a huge potential as one of the most OP heroes available, but he definitely lacks in terms of chasing the enemies. Thankfully, the developer Moonton, heard the plea of the player and after 1 / 2 years in the making, Argus finally got his own revamp, which is his Passives and his first skill, which you can see in the description above.

Taken by one of the most popular Mobile Legends Youtuber, ShinmenTakezo some skill that has changed is the Passive, which now enables you to have a little bit of dash (although they didn’t especially said it in the description above) and of course the ability to further enhance your blade bar (the bar that enables you to hit twice after fully recharge). If you combine it with his ultimate ability, he will have a double damage for 5 seconds and his health will easily be replenish each time.

For the first skill revamped, it mainly changed his ability to chase the enemies. Now, the speed of the hands to lock down the enemies will be a lot faster, the ranged if of course longer, and most importantly if you do hit, you can now changed or moved your targets and can be used to run away or chase the enemies faster.

It is definitely a huge improvement for Argus in general and i can see him sometimes being used in ranked match for an alternative fighter heroes, since the META that is being used currently doesn’t really include any fighter in it. With this update, probably Argus will be used more in the fight and can even went into the META in this season!

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