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SquareEnix is one of the panelist in E3 Conferences. A little bit ago, they announced that will be developing the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for both the android and iOS devices. This announcements shocks us, since the game is originally announced exclusively for PS4 and the Nintendo Switch.

Originally released in 2003 for GameCube, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is one of the most popular game at that time. The game offers something different in regards of RPG genre. Because of that SquareEnix decided that they are going to remastered the game. The game will have 4 multiplayer feature so you will be able to play with your friends whenever you wanted.

In this game, player is an adventurers that travel in a caravan. The player gathering a mystical fuel for crystal that will protects the worlds from The Miasma that will destroy the world.

If this game is like the original, then you will have 2 modes which is the single player mode where player will escort the vessel carrying the crystal energy. Your job will be defending it from the enemies and solving the puzzle to progress inside the game.

In the Multiplayer mode, the player can have a teams of 4 protecting the crystal. Either way the game is so much fun regardless of the mode.

The game is set to be released in winter 2019, and might be available sooner or later, however you will definitely get the announcement in our website so stay tune!

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