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Performance issues has been going on and on in mobile games. Not only in Mobile Legends but also with various other games including Fortnite, PUBG, AoV, and many more. Until now, the developer are trying to give us the best experience in the game, unfortunately, the issue is still on.

We have known that Mobile Legends has some issue that sometimes occur, the lag, the performance issue, etc. It takes away some of the fun playing the game in general.

If you experience some of the issues, then you want the solution. So today, we will give you the tips and tricks / guide on how to increase your Mobile Legends game performance.

For the most part of this article intends to help you that are experiencing a problem regarding the smooth Gameplay, Re-connection problem, and re-log in problem. 

What you need to do is simply by installing another Mobile Legends APK called Mobile Legends Unity. The app is official Mobile Legends apps that is developed by Moonton. It used a unity engine to further increase the game performance. It will further enhance your gameplay and help to erase all of the problem that had just been mention above.

However, the app is still in beta, but it works really well. A youtuber called Elgin Gaming has made a video difference between the two app, and honestly it was awesome!

The game play was smooth, the re-connection is so fast, in my opinion that has actually played a game or two by using the apps, there was definitely an improvement. Simply download the app and try it now on the link below!

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