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Mobile Legends is constantly giving us a new updates and heroes. The updates including buff and nerf to balance the game play. Since there are optimally 2 updates every months, including the events and stuff, today we will give you some updates that might be included on the next update which is the 26 June 2019.

Dyrroth, The New Heroes

Yep, Although Dyrroth had just been released in the advance server, Dyrroth will be released in the next patch update of June 2019. This will be the 84th heroes that will be released on Mobile Legends Original server and has the role of Fighter.

He will be a physical damage fighter with a specialty of charging and burst damaging the enemies. Killing them easily as the game goes on. He will have 3 skills and 1 passive skill which is:


Wrath of The Abyss

When Dyrus’s Rage reaches 50%, he will enhance Burst Strike and Spectre Step.

After each 2 Basic Attacks, Dyrus will release a circle strike of his Basic Attack, dealing (+140% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage in the circle.

Skill 1:

Burst Strike

Dyrus releases Burst Strike in a designated direction, dealing 200 (+60% Extra Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage to enemies along the way and slowing them by 30%. Lasts 1.5s.

Abyss Enhanced: Burst Stike has a longer range, dealing 140% of the original damage and double the slowing effect.

Skill 2:

Spectre Step

Dyrus dashes in the designated direction. He will stop when he hits an eney hero or Creep, dealing 230 (+60% Extra Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage and slightly knocking back the target. He will move towards the direction of the Left Joystick after hitting a target.

Abyss Enhanced: Dyrus will knock the enemy up in the direction of the Left Joystick and deak 345 (+150% Extra Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage when he hits the target.

Skill 3 (Ultimate):

The Destruction

Dyrus quickly charges and releases Fatal Strike, dealing 600 (+250% Extra Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage to eneies along the way and slow them by 80%. Lasts 1s.

Buff and Nerfs

So according to the game patch, there will be some adjustment that will be going on the next update where some heroes will get a nerf and a buff:

Heroes Buff/Nerf/Revamped/Rework
Esmeralda (Nerf) Now, the effect of Frostmoon shield (Esmeralda 1 skill) where shield is gained won’t exceed 50% of Esmeralda Max HP!
Odette (Nerf)

Swan Song (Odette Ultimate) damage decrease effect will be decreased from 60% to 50% during the skill!

Oddete second skill immobilizing effect will be increased to 2s from 1s, but her magic damage will be decreased from 0.8 to 0.5.

Argus (Revamp)

The movement speed of the trail from (Skill 2) will increased to 40% at all level when he is moving on the trail path. His Ultimate can now clear CC effect after use and decrease the CC effect by 25% while active.

Argus will also get a revamped on his first and passive skill : For more information of the revamped you can see the article “Argus Mobile Legends will Finally Gets Its Revamp that We All Deserve!”

Bane (Reworked) Bane will finally get a rework on all of his skills except his skill 2 he has more damage and Sharks as a pet now. For more information on Bane you can watch the youtube video “Bane Rework by Junior for Gaming
Harith (Nerf) His second skill will have a basic shield decreased from 200/250/300/350/400/450 to 150/190/230/270/310/350.
Claude (Nerf) Base Physical Defense decreased from 18 to 14.
Guinevere (Nerf) Guinevere passive where she regen health after her bar is full will be decreased from 10% to 8%.
Rafaela (Buff) Her first skill, Light of Retribution can easily stacked to the enemies increasing the stack damage to 25% from 15% each time and can be stacked to 3 times.
Lolita (Adjustment) Lolita can now use her second skill shield to block Hranger bullet accurately and can be used efficiently more now.
Jawhead (Buff) Second skill shield effect will be increased from 280 + (Skill level*70) to 520+(Skill level*80).


New Items and Revamped Item!

There has been a lot of item that will be changed in this updates, which is:

Item Changed Effect
Immortality Instead of +40 Magic Defense it will be adjusted to +40 Physical Defense. The Recipe for magic resist cloak in the build adjusted to leather Jerkin
Cursed Helmet HP Provided by this equipment will be increased from 920 to 1200 and Magic defense will be decreased from +50 to +25
Feather of Heavens Magic Wand in the build adjusted to exotic veil and total price of this build decreased from 2230 to 2030
Deadly Blade Physical ATK provided by this Equipment will be decreased from 65 to 50. ATK speed adjusted decreased from 25% to 15% and total price decreased to 1500
Holy Crystal Added unique Passiive Mystery – Increase 21% – 35% Magic ATK (Scales with Level). Removed Unique Passive Exterminate Passive +25% Magic ATK
Blade of the Heptaseas Added Passive Ambush if no damage was dealt or taken in 5s the next basic attack will deal 100% extra Physical Damage of Physical Attack. Added unique +15 Physical Pen, and Remove the Passive Steam roll. Physical ATK provided by this equipment will be decreased to 65 from 75 and HP provided decreased from 300 to 250.
Hunter Strike Added unique Passive +15 Physical Penetration. Physical ATK provided by this equipment will be decreased from 100 to 80. Legion Sword in this build adjusted to Fury Hammer adjusted the price for the build but total price will be the same
Sea Halberd (NEW ITEM) +70 Physical Atack and +25% Attack Speed. Unique Passive Life Drain, When using a basic attack to hit one target. HP Regen of this target will be reduced by 50% and last 3s. Total Price will be 2200. The build is Deadly Blade plus Dagger.
Genius Wand (NEW ITEM) +75 Magic Power, +5% Movement Speed, Unique Passive of +15 Magical PEN. Additional Passive called Magic that an be used to reduce a heroes magic defense by 3 – 10 according to your level and can be stacked up to 3 times for 9 – 30 reduce in magic defense

Roaming Item Category and Role!

There will be an additional roaming role in regards to the original 6 other role that is in this game now. The usual 6 role which is Fighter, Support, Mage, Tank, Assassins, and Marksman can all be a roamer just by buying the item called Wooden Mask. This item can be upgraded 3 times, and the third time will have additional effect that can easily tramps the enemies.

There is a item that can stun the target as a additional passive effects, have a team invisibility  effect, and a team support buff effect. Which is a huge passive effect for the team and will definitely change your gameplay. Additionally, if you use this item, you will also gain 2 gold and exp per 4seconds and if you are in the last of your teams in terms of gold. You will gain additional gold and exp.

However, if you use this item you will need to roam, because of the item’s passive effect which is Devotion, where you won’t share any EXP or gold from teammates around you. If you stay in one lane and farm, you won’t be able to gain any EXP at all. So basically, you need to either Jungle Alone or help other kills. Which is the definition of roamer in every MOBA game.

Mage and Jungler will be the Next META (Opinion)!

Here is the reason, if you see the items update for Mobile legends next update. If you didn’t know, first of all there isn’t that much magic defense item in the game, there are only Immortality, Cursed Helmet, Athena Shield, and Oracle that will give us a full magic defense with health.

Immortality is going to be adjusted from Magic defense to Physical Defense item, and Cursed Helmet magic defense will be nerfed from +50 to +25 magic defense in regards to the +1200 Health from +900 health. Additionally, there will be another item called Genius Wand that can decrease the Magic defense of a heroes that has been hit by an abilities / skill. Which makes it one heck of item to deal with. This will definitely render all tank useless and almost all marksman being single hit by any burst damage mage.

So, with the release of the Roaming Mask in the next update, almost all jungler will get benefit with this item. Because until now, most people disregard this role, and most people divide the jungle to two side either the top or bottom side. But with this item since they can’t stay in one lane. They will most definitely need other source of exp which is jungle, it means that they will definitely have a quick stack of jungling.

It will give them a good amount of attack, or defense in the early game. Another good thing is that since the item will give you an added movement speed, added with emblem and shoes, you will be able to easily go around in top to bottom easily to help your allies kill the enemies.

If you had a good roamer and jungler then you will definitely be able win the game more. There are also additional benefit of stuns, invisibility, and buff in addition to movement speed effect of the roaming item. So that is definitely a must have item for a solo laner or jungler.

There you have it, some of the update that might be given on 26 June, next week on Mobile Legends. What do you think about the update?

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