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If you are an anime fans then you will definitely know or heard about the interesting tale of Eren and Mikasa in Attack on Titan. Finally, the Anime has made its way to the Android device! It is called Attack on Titan: Assault. It is a whole new Attack on Titan Games with ARPG (Action Role Playing Game) genre.

In this game, you will play in the world of the anime, where you can build up a defense team to take on the hoards of titans that will kill you and your town in sight.  You will build a team of titan slayer by training the character from the original anime and take down the titan. You will be able to parkour in side the world using the omni directional mobility gear and fly around through the air across rooftops as you fight against the titans threat.

This game is based on the anime, so even if you haven’t seen the anime yet, you better watch it immediately.

So if you wanted to play the game then you could definitely play and download it on the link below.

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App Rating : Attack on Titan: Assault (Free)
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