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FINALLY, Graveyard Keeper is released on Mobile Phone! Since almost everything in PC that has been released get ported version to mobile (Stardew Valley, Fortnite, PUBG and many more), we figure that it is just a matter of time when the game Graveyard Keeper will be released on mobile.

Essentially, the game is a lot similar to the farming game, Stardew Valley. Our prayers have been answered because the developer, Tiny Build has given us a little sneak peak on the mobile release.

Basically, in Graveyard Keeper, you will be playing as literally graveyard keeper, finding bodies everyday, and digging the dirt and burying them. Your goal is however a little different, it is to find your way back to your original world because before you are a graveyard keeper. You are a salary man that hit by a cars and suddenly found yourself in a medieval world where swords and magic is in the town doing cemetery works.

You will autopsy a body everyday and bury them, help the various residents and trade with them, build your own church and even farm in this game. If you want to see the full review you can check out the article “Graveyard Keeper PC Game Review – An Interesting Farming / Body Harvesting / Church Making Game Simulator“.

Honestly this game is so much fun to play. If you are a fan of a simulator game like Harvest Moon, or Stardew Valley, then i really recommend you to try and play the game.

The game is currently under development for the mobile device and we haven’t heard about the release date yet but we will definitely keep you updated in roonby. Check out others news about android game in our website or any other news that peek your interest.

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