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If you didn’t know about the news yet, there are a teams that have made an unofficial version of Nintendo switch that supports android. So, if you have a Nintendo switch, you can use it to emulate an Android device including all of the game that can be play in it.

The team describe that although the Android build is not publicly, they released the install process that is entirely systemless and run off of SD cards. And because of that, there is little to no chance of ban from Nintendo’s services. Because it runs entirely off SD Cards you won’t be breaking your Nintendo Switch device to run Android. You can simply take of the SD Cards and simply use it as Nintendo switch if you want to.

Actually this porting from Nintendo Switch to Android has already been theorized for a long time ago. Now, it would be possible to port Android to Switch. After all Linux itself has been ported to it and the device use tegra X1 SoC which there is documentation to refer to.

The only thing that is left for the developer interested enough and the risk potential device broken. Thankfully, one developer by the name of ByLaws is taking the challenge turning the Nintendo Switch into an Android tablet.

Of course, the porting is not perfect and there is indeed some problem like the sudden fps drop here and there and some problem regarding the GPS, microphone or even a camera. It means that there will be no game like Harry Potter Wizards Unite, Pokemon go, Voice call like discord and video call from whats app and most social media apps that use camera nor microphone.

However, this progress will indeed a first step for those that are interested to use android device in Nintendo Switch.

If you are interested you can go to their official twitter for more information or simply go to the XDA Developers site for more updates regarding the porting.

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