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If you are a horror games fans, then you will definitely know about a game called Dead by Daylight. The game has been released in 2016. Dead by Daylight will get their own mobile version of the game, and now it is opening up a pre-registration.


Dead by Daylight itself is a Horror Asymmetric game where you will play as either Survival or Killer depending on which you choose. This game is a 4v1 game, with 4 survivor and 1 killer. Survivor must repair the 5 generator to open up the exit gate and the Killer must kill every single Survivor on the game. The game is not only terrifying but also so much fun to play.

However, the official release is not known yet, but we will definitely keep you updated.

If you are interested in the mobile version, simply pre-register in the official site., and the best thing about the mobile version is that you can play it for free!

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