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Currently, the hype of Auto Chess is changing the genre that is so popular. After the MOBA, and Battle Royale hype, finally it has down to this genre. The game has been made to a plenty different variation depending on the company that made it.

Start from Red Tides that is made by the original Modder, Auto Chess that is made by Dragon Nest game, and lastly the Dota Underlords that is made by Valve with the original Dota Character that you can find in the game.

Dota Underlords is being released on June 21st on in Google Play Store, so it can be played in your mobile device right now. It is a game of auto-chess where 8 players including you will battle until the end. Every turn, you will fight a random opponent and you will be able to buy one units / chest pieces in the game.

Each units has their own attribute and class. If combine with the same attribute and class it will have their own effect, and bonus. There are also item combination that can be use to fight, strategy that can be utilize and of course different match every time depending on your unit choice and pieces.

If you are interested in the game, simply click on the link below, to download and play the game. Don’t forget to see the official website for more information regarding the game.

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