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A while back, Zlongame has announced that they are going to develop an awesome open world sci-fi game called Second Galaxy. The game will be one of the biggest mobile  MMORPG featuring an awesome galaxy war, spaceship, and of course epic star wars that will make you go awe and ooh.

The game is set 3000 years in the future, where humanity and civilization has form their own empire and colonize in all universe. There are 5 group that are trying to populate every corner of space, and you will join one of them and build your own alliances and play a role in the story by finishing the quest.

Second Galaxy is an open world game that has a degree of freedom. You can play as a merchant, a poacher, a warlord, transporter, Bodyguard, Miner, manufacturer, new world explorer, and of course many more. You will have an endless amount of customization in this game, and the galaxy is your limit, like literally.

Second Galaxy game will be available to play and download on iOS and Android, and if you pre-register first on the game official site to get more information regarding the game.

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