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If you are a fan of Strangers Things then you might know about the main cast Eleven. The adorable yet weird little girl that is loved by the fans. There are plenty people that loves the series because of the girl. A developer named Waldemar Umaniz made an unofficial puzzle game to show his appreciation called Eleven.

In the game, you will be guiding Eleven through the portal. Each moves that you make will lose an eggos. There is only a limited amount of eggos that you have in one level, so you will need to think before moving. Each level will have their own difficulty, and it will grow increasingly after a while and there will be more challenge. For example demo-doggs that will chase you and you will need to use your eggos to kill them, and so on.

This game is a lot fun, especially if you are a fan of the series, and it is completely free too! It is unofficial, even if it is made by a fan that didn’t get any money on the game, the game will probably be deleted after some time.

So if you are interested head out to google play to download and play the game now.

App Rating : Eleven (Free)

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