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Candy Crush probably one of the most popular puzzle game. Almost every teen know the game, or at least heard about the game. It live up to the game because Candy Crush has given us hours of fun with tons of feature to be explore.

However, if you want to actually get far in the game, you will need to spend a lot of money for the power ups and the move extender. It a lot more difficult to play as it is a freemium game. Because of that, today we will give you some list on the best Android Candy Crush like games that can be play without spending money.

1. Cats Atelier – A Meow Match 3 Game


Cats atelier is a challenging match 3 puzzle with new and exciting level being updated regularly. Follow the story of Vincent Van Meowogh, a strunggling cat painter that reside in the home of his late masters. Drowning in debt you will help your fellow kitten to succeed as an artist and sell his painting in order to save his home. With a delightful soundtrack, endearing plot, and addictive puzzles, Cats Atelier is sure to stimulate your senses and warm your heart.

2. Best Friends


Join over 90,000,000 people who are already playing this top-rated FREE puzzle adventure! Enter the world of Minutia and collect cute characters, level them up and defeat the Slugs! With more than 3,000 levels, enjoy hours and hours of fiendish fun!

3. Gems of War


From the creators of Puzzle Quest comes the ultimate evolution of the Puzzle-RPG-Strategy mashup, Gems of War! Immerse yourself in a world of adventure as you collect heroes from across the realm and battle foes with the power of the puzzle board. Unlock new realms with kingdoms to conquer and hundreds of troops to collect. Join the war and start your journey to becoming a puzzle legend today!

4. Dragons and Diamonds


Enter the fantasy world of Dragons & Diamonds to journey on a puzzling adventure. Travel from dusty wastelands, across volcanic passes and frozen peaks while you explore a lost world filled with dangerous dungeons, treasure beyond imagination and vicious beasts waiting around every corner.

To get your hands on that precious treasure, you’re going to need a helping hand. The dragons have captured a host of brave, adventurous (or just plain greedy) bounty hunters and only you can rescue them. Build your team to rid the world of these terrible dragons, get in and grab the treasure before it’s too late. There’s just one thing keeping you from treasure and riches beyond your wildest dreams: an infestation of deadly dragons.

So what are you waiting for, download and play it now.

5. Cradle of Empire


Become the Chosen One and help the ancient empire rise from the ruins in this adventurous match three game with a rich storyline, thrilling quests and captivating characters!

Build your own city and rise up from the ashes! Cradle of Empires is an exciting — yet cool, calm and collected — family-friendly adventure. It takes you on a breathtaking odyssey that challenges your matching, building and crafting skills.

With the help from Nimiru and Egyptian settlers, you can break the Amrun’s curse and restore the ancient civilization to its former glory. Step up and become the secret weapon in the triumph of good over evil!  Find a cursed treasure hidden in ancient Egypt and gain more power!

6. Jewel Hunter


Enjoy limitless match 3 fun without worrying about hearts! A gorgeous and beautiful Jewel Hunter : Lost Temple awaits your challenge. Match 3 or more of the same colored jewels! Stages will challenge you with various missions and jewels! Connect beautiful jewels to experience a fantastical effect! Play Jewel Hunter: Lost Temple anytime without internet!

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