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For the first time, Mobile Legends finally released a new hero that is not a Mage. Mobile Legends has been releasing their heroes for every month. It used to always been a mage, so it is nice that they won’t be releasing a new OP Mage! Because right now, tank are having a little bit of problem on how to counter any mage heroes.

Anyway, the newest hero that will come to the advance server will be called Masha, and she is a fighter hero with the role of charge and damage dealer in the game.

Based on the video character above, Masha has a little bit of similarity with Hilda. Although, Hilda herself is a bit buffer than Masha because Hilda has a role of tank. But they might be related in some way, simply based on her build and physical build.

Masha is a fighter that is balance if you just seen her stats. She has everything, from durability and damage, but a slightly low ability damage. It is a considerable amount of difficulty to use. So she might not well suit for beginner.

She is one of the most unique hero that will have 3 bars of health and 2 passive. For her skill description, she will have 3 active skill, and 2 passive skill that will make her dominate the battle field, such as:

  • Howl Shock (1st Skill) : Masha Roar forwards releasing an energy shock towards the targets, dealing physical damage and slow them. If she hits an enemy heroes, the enemy will be disarmed and they will need to pick up weapons to attack.
  • Wild Power (2nd Skill) : Masha awakens her wild power, increasing her movement and physical damage equal to the target’s max hp with basic attack. She however will also lose a certain percentages of her current HP when wild power is activated.
  • Thunderclap (Ultimate) : Masha launches a powerful charge after deducting a certain percentages of her current health. When she get close to the target she will release a thunderclap dealing physical damage equal to certain percentages of her health and slowing them.
  • Ancient Strength (Passive) : Masha gets ancient strength from bear king and has 3 HP Bars, each time she loses 1HP Bar, she can block the damage once. She will die after she loses her last HP Bar. Each time Masha loses a certain percentages of her HP, her atk Speed will increase. She will get physical lifestel when she loses her HP Bar, Resilience and extra lifesteal in the second one and she will die if she loses her last HP Bar.
  • Life Recovery (Special Passive) : Masha recovers the Max HP of her previous HP bar by using all her energy, not available during the battle or with 3 HP Bar.

If according to the skill explanation, Masha will dominate the fight and can tank damage plus dealing some huge damage. If you let her out of your sight while you are ganking her. She are able to recover her health with her energy and she will get the revenge. She is one heck of a hero to deal with and you will definitely to watch out after her release in the original server.

But do note that her skill is not certain yet, and Moonton might made some change. So just pray that this one won’t be that OP.

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