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If you are an RPG game fans then you might be familiar with the Mobile game called Another Eden: the cat beyond time and space. Well, the famous game made by Masato Kato (famous for his works on Chrono Trigger) will finally get its second episode, called Another Eden: The Time Mine and The Dreamers.

Regarding the gameplay, it will still be a turn based rpg game. However there will be plenty of added story that can be explore. There isn’t many details on the story line we have known, but the developer already leaked on some of the plot detailing in the next episode:

In the ghost town of a once prosperous mining village, there is a young man who dreams of his village’s revival.

Feeling sympathetic with the young man, Aldo offers a helping hand in support of his dream. The road to revival begins by exploring the mines, gathering materials from the nearby forest, and occasionally inviting outsiders to the village.

However, soon after they begin digging, they hit something unexpected. Buried deep within the Time Mine, are the ruins of a dream that once was.

Now, in the second episode, players that have a miner or forager type members will be able to increase the amount of stuff that they gain by mining, foraging and even logging. There are some new character that will be available in the game like Melina, Nonold, and Zilva.

If you want to play the newest episode, you will need to update your game to ver 1.4.500 and clear the chapter 21 of the main story to play the new episode.

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From the update, the player will also get destiny token for free in the upcoming update to celebrate the European and Southeast Asia release on June.

If you are interested in the game, you could download and play it for free in the link below! Have a nice day!

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