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Beautifying the appearance of the smartphone user interface with background for text messages. It is not only gives uniqueness to the smartphone, but also can improve the mood of its users as well. Like the display on the messaging or SMS application.

Some smartphone vendors implement display settings for their products, but not all smartphones have display settings for the user interface, so that the display of the user interface becomes static or in other words cannot be changed. This can give a feeling of disappointment to the user. Are you one of the smartphone users?

You don’t need to feel sad or disappointed, because this time we will tell you about how to make your SMS application look more expressive, namely by using a third party SMS application. Here are some of the best Android SMS applications that you can download for free on the Play Store.

The Background for Text Messages Apps You Can Try

1. GO SMS Pro

The first third party SMS application is GO SMS Pro. Yes, there is a Pro appendage to the name of the application. Although there are Pro-frills, you can download it for free. The GO SMS Pro application has very interesting features, such as Sticker, Emoticon that is expressive, Private Box, and so on.

You can set this application because it supports theme settings and you can download themes on GO Store on the GO SMS Pro application. Interestingly you can send SMS or MMS for free if your friends who send SMS also use GO SMS Pro background for text messages app. Interested in using it?

In addition to setting the theme for its appearance, this application also offers features that are no less interesting.  There is also a sticker feature and you can also share GIF images so that the conversation will be more expressive.

2. Mood Messenger

You can also send SMS for free if your friends send messages using this application service too. Mood Messenger is no less interesting than other SMS applications. Apart from being able to set the theme of the theme, Mood Messenger also pay attention to the ease of use of the application. Like the Quick Reply and Head Notification features. In addition you can also edit photos before you send the photo.

This SMS application has a variety of cute and cool wallpapers that you can use. Besides this the SMS application also allows you to be able to share GIF, Emoji, and so on images. You can also set Bubble SMS on this application. As the name implies, this third-party SMS application has a basic appearance resembling an SMS application on iOS or iPhone.

But you can also apply other theme personalization because this SMS application provides various themes that you can use with already. Besides that you can also set a ringtone specifically for this application. This background for text messages application also has features like other SMS applications.

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