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If you don’t know, Twisted Wonderland is a project between Disney and Aniplex. You as a player can meet handsome villains from various Disney theme. Below are the Disney villains house theme that has been introduced such as Heartslabyul that is the Alice in Wonderland Theme house, Octavinelle which is the Little Mermaid House, Scarabia house which is the Aladin theme, and Pomefiore House which is the Snow White House.

Now, the Official site for Disney Twisted Wonderland introduce a new Ignihyde House, which is based on the Hades from the Hercules. Additionally, the protagonist partner is a cute cat which is called Grim.

Here is the full character Introduction:

Idia Shroud (CV: Kouki Uchiyama)

Idia is the House leader of Ignihyde dorm. He is very introverted, and glum that don’t like to interact with other people. He is a shut in, and won’t come out of his room. However, it seems that in the online world, he has a different persona.

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Ortho Shroud (CV: Shouta Aoi)

Idia younger brother, that’s a bro con. He always does things together with Idia and cares about him so much. Unlike Idia, Ortho is a lot curious, cheery and honest.

Grim (CV: Noriaki Sugiyama)

A little cat monster that can use magic, and he is the protagonist partner. He is a big mouthed cat that can easily get carried away.

Twisted wonderland is an otome game. The game developed for both android and ios.

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If you are interested in the game, then stay tune for more character theme for the Twisted Wonderland. There are more dorms that are left to uncover.

For more information on the game, you can check out their official website or their official twitter for more updates.

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