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Disney Twisted Wonderland is a dating sim game where you can capture a target and make them fall in love with you. The game has given us 3 dormitory which is the character theme in the dating sim game, each dorms will represent the original movie for example Octavinelle Dormitory for the Little Mermaid, Aladdins which is the Scarabia, and Alice in Wonderland which is the Heartlabyul, and now the Newest Pomfiore Dormitory which will be the Snow White Character Theme on Disney Twisted Wonderland.

Currently there are 3 Character that will be available in the Pomfiore Dormitory:

Vil Schoenheit (Hiroki Aiba)

Dormmaster of the Pomfiore dorm. The owner of beauty who has an extraordinary eyesight. He also thinks that he is the most beautiful and spares no effort for beauty.

Epel Felmier (Shimba Tsuchiya)

A lovely first-class student who has the same cool appeal as the main character. It has a few words and is mysterious.

Rook Hunt (Itokawa Yojiro)

Deputy director of the Pomfiore dormitory. He love beautiful things and appreciate the beauty of Ville and Eppel. An elusive person.

Yep you know it, the dorm is filled with petite, elegant, beautiful but obnoxious people. How will you capture them will definitely be a challenge.

Stay tune for more character theme for the game twisted wonderland, of course there are 4 more dorms that are left to unlocked. For more information on the game, you can check out their official website or their official twitter for more updates.

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