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If you didn’t know, Disney is currently making a new mobile game called Twisted Wonderland. However, it won’t be a RPG game, but in fact it will be an Otome game, where you will need to capture the romance target in the game.

The game is set in the world of Disney where you will see the different side of the villain, in fact the capture target will most likely be the villain in the game. Currently, there isn’t that much information regarding the game except for the 8 Dormitory (themes) that will be available in the game.

For now, there are 3 Dormitory that have been unlocked which is the Alice in Wonderland, Aladdins, and of course Little Mermaid. While we have cover the character of Aladdins we haven’t done so with the other dorm, which is why today we will give you the character of the other dormitory which is the Little Mermaid.

The little mermaid dorm only consist in 3 character, The character are:

Azul Ashengrotto (VA : Atsushi Tamaru) – The Head of Octavinelle dorm. Azul runs a cafe on the campus and he is one calculating man. He can be a miser but is also very polite because of his background in serving the customer.

Jade Leech (VA : Wataru Komada) – Azul’s most trusted advisor and also the Vice President of the dorm. He got a twin brother called Floyd and is quite a gentleman. He is polite and gentle, but….

Floyd Leech (VA : Nobuhiko Okamoto) – Second year in the dorm. He is Jade twin brother. But the two is really different, Floyd is more wild while Jade is more gentle and mysterious. Each with their own charm. Floyd is a lot more hot headed and is spontaneous. You will find it hard to grasp what he is thinking in his head.

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Besides that, there hasn’t been any news regarding the game play or the game in general. We will update the game information in our website regularly.

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