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Ever wondered what would happened if a minion that is summoned inside a dungeon suddenly got a consciousness? The minion don’t want to work inside the dungeon. Think about it, full time work, being killed by the hero that come to conquer your dungeon, and being a minion you will most definitely die more than once.

Now, with that in mind, a talented guys at Auer Media & Entertainment made a game called Dungeon Break. It is the game where Minion wants to break free of their own dungeon that their creator made.

Dungeon Break is a game where you play as a minion that decide to rebel and turn to your dungeon master. You want to escape and have the freedom to do everything. Because of that you decide to overthrow the lord that rule the dungeon.

In the game, you can choose as 3 minion that is set previously. The game play is also pretty similar to other Rogue Like action RPG games. You go inside the dungeon, die much, and then use the money that you get from your previous run to upgrade your minion. It is an ongoing process of that. The gameplay is pretty fun! There are also enemies and traps and of course mid boss that will hinder your freedom.

Sadly, the game itself is not out yet, but you can pre-register the game in the link below. If you are interested go to Google Play Store now!

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