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If you are an office worker back in the day then you must have played bunch of Solitaire games or Plant Vs Zombies. Since then, the series has becoming one of the most popular casual game made by EA! Just this day, the publisher, Electronic Arts announced that they will be making a new Plant Vs Zombies 3 to the world.

However, the announcement didn’t reveal many details on the game, so we can’t give you anything regarding the gameplay. The important info is we know that EA is going to launched the Plant Vs Zombies 3 pre-alpha version this week.

Although the first series is free-to play with any micro transaction at all, please don’t expect the same as the third series because the Google Play store entry lists in-app purchases. Regarding the game, EA said that the game is still under construction and won’t represent the final game at all. The Pre-Alpha is focused on getting feedback on the combat feature and they are saving more for the later.

If you are interested in checking the google play link, you can do so by clicking on the link below!

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