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The Event Moonton Epicon leaves us in awe of what to expect in the next Mobile Legends update. Since the game will make a new boost to everything, from the UI interface, performance to the engine inside, because in the next big update Moonton will use a new Unity Engine to its game. With the engine, Moonton boast that they will have more than 60% more increase in their performance over all, and you will be able to reconnect and loading screen with less time needed than the current version.

But long before the announcement, there are already some leak regarding the mobile legends app itself available to the world. You can download and use it already and There are even one youtuber that cover the performance called Elgin Gaming. Elgin give us a little bit of insight on the difference between the two app. In the video, you will see the significant improve on the performance in general and how the app itself is smoother than the previous one. The video can be seen below.

If you are interested in the app itself you can download it here or in the link below. Honestly in my opinion as a player the game is a lot smoother and you can play it finely. But since it is still a test app, and not officially released, there are of course some bugs that you will encounter in the app. The bug that i myself have experience is :

  • The inability to exit Live stream. You can see any live stream well, but when you exit. The app will not be responding to any touch and you will need to force close it. (Fixed in the 64 bit version but the 32 bit still has this problem)
  • Sometimes the loading screen after character selection will be blanked. But the game will run well, even if it happened. You just need to give it some times but don’t close it.
  • When reconnecting sometimes you will experience force close. But don’t mind it and open the app again.

UPDATE !!! : If what you are searching for is this new interface!

Then you will need to download it on the google drive link, or the mega link , Mobile Legends 2.0 Unity Engine. However do note that there is still bugs in the game, and Moonton might not like it if you install it unofficially. However if you still want to try and install the Mobile Legends 2.0 you only need to follow this step :

  • download it on the google drive link, or the mega link
  • Install the apk (You don’t need to uninstall the game)
  • You will be stuck for a while in the loading screen, because the game will download more data.
  • Enjoy the game

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App Rating : Mobile Legends (Free)

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