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A little while ago, Capcom, one of the developer of a popular platforming game series called Megaman, has announced that they will be releasing a new Mega Man X game. It will called Rock Man X in Japan. The game will be developed in Mobile for both Android and iOS.

Sadly, it will only be available in some country such as Macau, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Plus the game will be in traditional Chinese language, and there are no statement if the game will get a release on other language.

The story begin in the digital world of Mega Man X Series where data is stored, and you are saved in the there. For some reason, the game is corrupted and you as the part of the game appeared to be glitched causing the stages, and all character from the series got mixed up. Which is why, you as the player has to get into the game log and repair the data, or else everything will be lost!

Same as the other series, Mega Man / Rock Man X Dive is a 3D side Scrolling game where you have to jump, climb wall and shoot in order to advance in the game.

You will be using character from the original series such as Mega Man, Zero, or even Axl in the game as a playable character in the game.

Currently, there are no additional information regarding the gameplay or the pre-registration release date. But if you are interested you can see the official website for more info.

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