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Previously, NetEase has collaborate with the Pokemon Company to bring Pokemon Quest to China. Tencent as their competitor has been taking the first step towards the Pokemon franchise. There is a rumor they developing a new Pokemon game with the Pokemon Company. The game currently being made by the TIMI Studio, a company managed by Tencent.

The rumor come from a twitter user called ZhugeEX that talk about Tencent and the Pokemon Company collaboration. The magic duo developing a new Pokemon game. ZhugeEX also stated that the game will be original game unlike NetEase with Pokemon Quest.

Until now, there are no information regarding the game in general. FYI, TIMI is pretty popular with the highest grossing game such as the Honor of Kings/Arena of Valor, and also the Mobile version of PUBG and Call of Duty. Which is why you don’t need to worry about the game at all.

Sadly, there are no additional information regarding the game. But prior to the rumor, Tencent had announced a partnership with Nintendo to officially bringing the console Switch to China. So the rumor might be true.

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