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After waiting for some time, the wait is finally over. The new battle Royale Game called Super Mecha Champion can now be downloaded and played in your device! The game that is published by NetEase and it is one of the most anticipated mobile game.

Super Mecha Champion is a mobile Battle Royale game. If you love games like Fortnite, PUBG, or even Free Fire then you will definitely love this one. The game has a lot similarity with those games, where you will be flown to an island.

In that island there will be 100 player competing against each other and killing one another to be the best. You can make a team of 2 or 4 people to win the game.

But there is an added feature that can be explore unlike other battle royale game, which is the ability to summon a huge robot, that can then be use to kill your enemies. There are also a robot plan that you can build inside the game that can help you further.

If you are interested in the genre, and the game in general you might want to check out Super Mecha Champion in the link below!

App Rating : Super Mecha Champion (Free)

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