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In terms of usability, Bruno is one of the good Marksman that can be use to deal massive damage. However, there are more useful Marksman that can be use to kill a tank like Karrie and Claude, or burst damage hero like Lesley and Granger.

But, the people that want to use him afraid they will get roasted the whole match. Because of that, nobody use him anymore. In regards to that, it seems Moonton wants to increase his popularity, because in the next update the developer will give him a revamp, changing his skills and his overall damage.

In the patch note that you can see above on Advance server, they will give a revamp in the advanced server. Which will change his first skill and ultimate skill.

First, the change in his first skill that will become a buff skill, where you can use it without using a skill shot. The skill will increase his damage, and will give him the ability to slow the enemies. It means that you can chase your enemies easily by using the combination of his first and second ability.

However for his ultimate, Bruno will kick the energy ball that will diminish his opponent physical defense. The ball can only hit up to 10 people. Where for some people it is a nerf because the ability can usually be use to prank someone to kill them even without a good damage.

If you are still a little bit confuse, you can watch a Mobile legends Youtuber called HororoChan that summarize everything in a video to watch.

If you are interested in playing the game Mobile Legends, download the game now in google play store, or iOS App store!

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