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If you are a gamer back in 2000, you will definitely know about a popular MMORPG game called Ragnarok Online. The game is favorite by many player back in the day, because of its huge content and feature. The game is originally published and developed by Gravity. Good news for you guys, they are currently developing a new Ragnarok game that can now be played in both Mobile and PC!

The Korean Game Dev and publisher announced that they are going to launch a new MMORPG, titled “Mobile Fight, Ragnarok” (Not definite yet, since it is from a korean translation).

Currently, there hasn’t been any leaked regarding the gameplay. However, we know that they will give us a cross platform feature where you can play the game on both mobile and PC so that you can play the game anywhere and anytime.

The game will also give students and gamers that are working with some compensation. If they are going offline for some time, they will get some compensation. There isn’t much known to the game release date. So stay tune for update!

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