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Nostalgic Arcade gamer will know about a popular Classic game called Crazy Taxi. The game is so popular back in the day. In the game, you play as a taxi driver, driving your passenger to their destination. While doing so, you will usually be swinging back and forth. Almost killing the passenger or even yourself and try your best to get your passenger to their destination safely. And of course as quick as possible since there is a timer to it.

Well, if you are interested to play the game again in mobile, you might want to check out a game called Taxi City 1988.

Taxi City 1988 is a crazy taxi game, without the usual craziness. It is more like a Taxi Simulator game, rather than another crazy taxi game. The game goal is to be the best taxi driver as you can be. In this game, each time you sent a passenger off to their destination, you will be given a little cash that can be used to upgrade a bigger and better car.

If you think that all the game only offer, you are wrong! Because in this game, you can go head to head with another taxi driver in a multiplayer mode. Where you will compete in the most successful pickup and drop offs in the time range. It is both fun and competitive!

If you are interested in the game, NOW try and download the game! Since it is free for a limited time.

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App Rating : Taxi City (1$)
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