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As we all know, Mage is pretty useful in the game. Some people even call it Mage legends now, rather than Mobile Legends, because of how OP some mage are. Even now, Mobile legends seems to never learn about that, because in the next update aside from bruno revamped, they will give an unpopular mage like valir a revamp!

In the update, Valir will get a revamped that will change all of his skill including his passive. Here is the description :

  • Passive Ashing : Where Valir will now ignite his target ablaze, every second dealing magic damage equal to 0.8% of its Max HP, that last for 3s. When blaze stacck 3 times, it will cause explosion that will deal 8% of its max HP and stun the target for 1s.
  • First Skill Burst Fireball : Valir cast fireball at a designated direction and the fireball will burst upon hitting an enemies. Dealing 200 (+120% total magic power) to enemies along the way and within the area of effect. Valir can stack the fireball up to 2 times and if the fireball hits an enemy, valir will restore a fireball. After penetrating the vengeance flame, the fireball will deal more damage, in larger area.
  • Second Skill Searing Torrent :Valir unleashed a torrent of flames forward, knocking enemies back and dealing 250 (+80% Total Magic Power). After penetrating vengeance flame, the torrent of flame will generate a firewall at its destination that lasts 5s. Every second dealing 100 (+40% Magic power) to nearby enemies.
  • Ultimate Vengeance flame : Valir condense 6 Vengeance flame around himself for 6s. Increasing his damage by 30% and buffing his skills. The skill also increase his movement speed for 60% in 3s.

Everything about this skill is op. The most op is the first skill rework, where he can unlimitedly spam it as long as it got enough mana. The worst thing is that it can stack twice, making its cooldown almost non existences. There are also his passive that can stun the enemies and deal damage according to its max health for 3s. Which means that his poking energy will be worse than before. Lastly his ultimate that is very versatile that can be used like sprint, or even dealing massive damage. If you are still confuse about the description you can see the video below for the skill revamp.

This prove that although mobile legends want to change the previous unpopular heroes, they didn’t learn and keep making another OP hero for the player to ban. Of course the hero still depends on the player gameplay. Mage Legends will now dominate the team more and people will be confuse on what to banned.

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