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If you are a Battle Royale fans, then you must have known about a game called Eclipse Isle which is made by NetEase. The game famous because of the unusual game play. The game is a combination of both Battle Royal and MOBA game.

In the game, you will chose a character that you want to use and then fly of to the island. You won’t need to collect weapon but with an energy crystal, you will be able to gain your weapon and skill to dominate your fight.

The game is still the same as any other Battle Royale game. Where you or your team must compete in an island to be the best. There will be 60 player inside the island and you will be trying your skill to kill the other team.

The best thing about the game is you will be able to take bunch of item, armor, including food that will increase your skill in every sense. Another feature that i love as a moba player is the leveling. Where you can grind in the island to increase your level. Hide in the barrel to surprise your enemies and so on.

What are you waiting for then. Now, go and download the game, it has just been released! If you download and play it now, there are a reward since it had just been released such as the login event.

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App Rating : Eclipse Isle (Free)
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