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Back in the day both Pokemon and Digimon are one of the most popular game on Japan. Even though it is not true globally, but Digimon is actually one of the franchise that can compete with Pokemon. It has become that for so many years and has been one of the best game for some time but the popularity fell sort globally.

However that doesn’t mean that the franchise is dead. In fact, they are trying to regain their popularity like the upcoming global release game called Digimon: ReArise.


Re:Arise is another Digimon game where you will train your Digimon to beat other Digimon. The setting of the game is in the future where a digital monster reside in each of your smartphone.

One day, a bad Digimon called spiral arive and is trying to hurt you. Your Digimon in your phone are trying to save you and come real. And then it evolve and wipe them off. Your goal is trying to train your Digimon and you must beat the bad digimon that try to harm other.

The game is still in pre-registration and you will need to pre-register for more information.

If you guys succeed on accumulating 50.000 people. You guys will get a digiegg that will grow into pumpkinmon that will then evolve into a mega digimon. Interesting right? So what are you waiting for, pre-registered on Android and iOS, or go to their official website now!

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