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Each month usually Ragnarok M will give you an event that will give you guys bunch of different items and rewards. This month is the event called “I, Cupid” that will run on Global and SEA server from 1 August 2019 to 29 August 2019.

It will be available for both server with some different quest and rewards. And some of the material is important to craft the Gemini Love Cards. However, some people are still a little bit confuse on what to spend, to maximize the event rewards. So today we will give you tips and tricks to spend the item [Love Breath] wisely and some secret attribute to unlock rule that the dev never explained to you.

Note: This tips is taken from the youtuber called BlueBerries. Support them him/her or watch the original video below. The Writer is simply summarizing the content for those that wanted to read the article.

How to Get Love Breath:

There are many ways to get the Love Breath item events, but it is easier to just complete follow the event from the start. If you did that you will be able to get in total 760 Lovebreath:

  • Gem Duke Progression Event 30/50/100% will give you 20 x 3 = 60 Love Breath.
  • Zircon Box event that will start in 1st Aug – 7th Aug will give you in total 20 love breath x 7 days = 140 Love Breath.
  • Hand in Hand event that will start on 8th Aug – 14th Aug that will give you in total 20 for 2 times which means (20 x 7) * 2 = 280 Love Breath in total.
  • Happy Couple Event on 15th Aug – 21th Aug that will give you 20 Love breath in total 20 x 7 = 140 Love Breath.
  • Kitty Divine Event on 22th Aug – 28th Aug that will give you 20 Love Breath each in total 20 x 7 = 140 Love breath.

If you total them all, it will give you 760 Love breath that you can spend.

What the dev isn’t telling us!

If you want to Maximize the event rewards. You will need in total 820 Love breath, that comes from:

  • 520 Love breath = Card Crafting.
  • 100 Love Breath = Kitty’s Blessing (Giant Cat Blessing), but you can change it 3 times that will need you to spend 3 x 100 Love Breath = 300 love breath.
  • 520 + 300 = 820 Love Breath.

The total that you can get from the event is 760 Love breath which is not enough for everything.¬†BlueBerries¬†on the video recommend you to buy all 3 “Kitty Blessing” and aim for Blueprint to craft, then go to exchange the card that is unlockable and it is pretty cheap too.

It is because the event cards can be unlock event without doing the event, because it can be bought in the market. Mainly because to complete the Event Headwear, you will need to craft first, for it to appear. Which is why this will benefit you more.

But if you are able to get the Headwear simply on your second Kitty Blessing or event the first one. You could definitely buy the Card. Because you will simply need:

  • 2 Kitty Blessing = 2 x 100 = 200 Love Breath
  • 1 Card Craft = 520 Love Breath
  • 200 + 520 = 720 Love Breath

Which means that you will be able to get both with only 720 Love Breath. However that is only if you are lucky enough to get both. If not, then try not to push your luck.

Regardless, if you play the game, i insist you on just doing the event for fun. Don’t think to much on it.

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