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Since there is a news about the upcoming KOF skins on Mobile Legends, people has been wondering if they will also give another free KOF skin for free. However, it is soon confirmed by one of the ML site that the skin that they will be making won’t be given for free, but the event will give you another skin for free.

On the event above, if you log in to the game on August 24th, you will get a free permanent skin. If you see the fine print below. You will notice that the skin that will be given is a free Elite skin. Plus you will get a KOF Stamp that can be used to redeem KOF Bingo Lotteries.

Currently, there isn’t any information regarding the KOF skin price, only the heroes that will have the skin, which is Dyrroth, Aurora, and of course Gussion.

If you are interested in the skin event, you can download and play the game on your phone, by simply click on the link below!

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