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There are so many updated games that are being made every day, one of it is Action Square’s Gigantic X that can now be played in over 150+ countries. The game has previously soft launched in both Australia and Singapore, it is pretty successful there!

Gigantic X itself is a top down shooter game. You play as mercenaries that need to complete missions and fight off aliens on intergalactic planets in the future. One of the highlight in the game is the manual control, where you will need to learn trajectory of the enemy projectile and behavior to time it right and then defeat them.

There will be diverse battle every time you play, and you can choose one of the three character in the game to kill the enemies. There are also plenty of different weapon that you can use in the game, and also equipment to last you in the battle. Experience is deemed to be important in the game, and it is pretty hard and challenging to play it.

Are you up for the challenge?

If so download the game on google play store, or click on the link below to download the game!

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App Rating : Gigantic X (Free)
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