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If you are searching for a game like Final fantasy tactics or fire emblem then Langrisser is a game for you. After the long wait for the release, Langrisser can now be downloaded and play. The game is a lot like any other tactical RPG game where you can command your unit to attack, defense or use skill.


Langrisser SEA is a game made by ZlongGames and it is one of the most notable RPG game currently on Mobile. It got a wide range of content and feature that can be explore. In summary, it is a Tactical RPG game that is a lot of similar to Final Fantasy or Fire Emblem series.

If you are unfamiliar with the game play this is the explanation. The player will collect an unit, and use them to attack the enemy in a board like arena. The player will use the unit in a turn based battle to move, attack and use skill depending on what you need to kill the enemies.

To win the game, player units must be the only one in the game. What the game wins in general is the voice actor that is available in any character in the game unlike most RPG.

The game is so much fun if you like a strategy RPG game, download and play the game now!

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App Rating : Langrisser SEA (Free)
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