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In this time around with the release of a hero called X-Borg, Mobile Legends give us a new event that will give you a free skins. This is not really surprising since Mobile legends often make us an event so we as a player don’t get bored. The skin that will be given in the event will be the newest Lapu – Lapu skin called Vulcan!

If you seen the skin above, it got a little to much similarity with the starlight skin of Martis called Searing Maw. The skin is actually pretty cool considering it is free to give. It will change some of the skill effect on lapu – lapu, and is one of the special skin that you can get for free.

Now for the event part, you will only need to invite your friends. Simply bother them by clicking the invite that is available on the ‘Get Free Skin’ tab, and then invite 100 of your friends everyday (Since 100 is the limit each day) to get the skin.

However, to redeem the skin you will need around 120 medals, which means that you will need 300 people. But don’t worry because each of your friends can be send as much as you wanted so as long as yourself have many friends on facebook, you are guarantee to get the skin.

The event will last from 9th August – 25th August. So if you haven’t done any invite yet, i suggest you to play and get your free skin now!

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