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As always every month Mobile Legends will release its newest hero. Of course, it has been that way since their first release and it is a monthly things that can be anticipated by their players in general. This month in August 2019, it is finally the update for another new Tanker called Baxia.

Baxia is the newest addition for the next hero of Mobile Legends. He has the role of both initiator and crowd control. However the worst part of this newest heroes is his ability to render any heal item much useless. Kinda like a walking necklace of durance or Deadly Blade.

His passive enables him to decrease any health regeneration to 50% making him one of the worst heroes for life regeneration hero like Alucard or Ruby.

His first skill enables him to roll around, jump around, and stun the enemies if hit. It is kinda like a johnson ultimate without the ability to crash around everything. Second skill to deal damage in a low cooldown, and his ultimate that is a crowd control skill where it increase Baxia speed by 30% and spew a hot lava that will deal small damage from his shield.

But the thing is that, if you take a little amount of damage from the lava, you will get a debuff of 50% anti regeneration, that will make any of your item useless added with item effect like glowing wand, or Ice Queen Wand.

It will be one of the worst ultimate on the game. Plus in a war, this Regen is one of the thing that will make you survive and because of that, this Hero is one heck of an enemy to deal with!

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