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The competition between auto chess game genre is pretty high since most developer are aiming to make their own auto chess game. Chess Rush from Tencent, Underlords from Valve and of course Auto Chess from Drodo.

They are trying to make a new content, to make sure that their game stay fresh just like Auto Chess newest update that adds a new character piece that you can use called “Fortune Teller”.

Fortune Teller is a new piece that can be use as tank. It also helps since the its priest synergy can be used to resist 20% damage suffered by allied pieces. The best thing is however, because Fortune teller is a Glacier Race, you can exchange it for Berseker that is pretty hard to get in the early game, and because of that you are able to get Glacier Race Synergy pretty face with this addition.

Added to his ability to shield his allies from death for 4s, he is of course a good addition to the team. But, he is a little fragile, so item that can increase his mana or even his health in general will do good for him. And of course Fortune teller is the newest addition to Auto Chess that will make you think about your strategy more.

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