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We got a good news for those simulator game lovers for mobile, because a game called Shepherd’s Crossing will come to Android and iOS platform.

If you are not familiar with the title, Shepherd’s Crossing is actually a farm simulator game, it is pretty successful back in the day. Developed by Success, it is one of the most fun Farming simulator game besides the Harvest Moon Series.


The game is originally released in 2003, on PS2, and eventually had its sequels out on various platform like PSP and PC. The game venture around you as a farmer trying to build your own farms, where you will plant crops, breed animals, and even venture out to the wild to hunt with your trusty dogs.

You will need to water your crops, feed your animals, tend them in the little farm of yours. Grow with your farms and decorate it however you want in this little paradise.

If you are interested in the game, click on the link below or go to their official website for more information on the game!

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App Rating : Shepherd's Crossing (Free)

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