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For some of you Mobile Legends fans, you might have known that since the Moonton Epicon, the developer are trying give a new thing. Start from new content, UI design, to the new engine which is the Unity Engine.

Moonton themselves said that the engine will increase the overall performance for the game up to 60%!. It has been proven by some of the Mobile Legends player in a video as you can see below.

However there are some bugs to the apps since it is still on beta, but the increase in over all performance can immediately be seen. If you want to know where to download the app, or where the app will be, we have put an article so that you can download it at ease “Mobile Legends 2.0 download Link with Unity Engine, 60% Increase in Performance!”.

Plus Moonton also give us a little bonus for you guys that downloaded the app. Such as a new border called “Speedy Border” that will be given for free for those that have downloaded 40% of the app resources. The design of the border looks cool and sleek, so if you are interested in the border you could do so when the event start.

Sadly, though we haven’t had any information regarding the event date yet, however you can already download the app in the article here.”Mobile Legends 2.0 download Link with Unity Engine, 60% Increase in Performance!”.

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