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Mobile gaming has been developing more and more, and there are more big developer that are trying to go inside the gaming industries. One of them which is Capcom, aside from Devil May Cry series that is on development, they are currently developing a new mobile game called Mega Man X DiVE on Android and iOS.

The good thing about the game is Mega Man X DiVE will soon get its closed beta test, so you can play it soon. For those that wanted to play the game, you could do so by registering in their official website. If you are lucky enough, you will get a slot to play the game on 23th August.

Before that, you can see their newest trailer that will feature a new Co-Op mode in the video below.

Like the other series, Mega Man X DiVE has the same gameplay as the other series. However, they will give you guys a new feature called Co-Op where you can play and finish up your mission with your friends or with another random player across the globe.

If you are interested in the game, and want to stay up to date with the Mega Man X DiVE game update, you can follow their facebook fanpage.

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