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It really seems that Tencent is trying to one up its player right now. After successfully manage to make a bunch of android and iOS game such as PUBG Mobile, Kings of Glory, and Call of Duty Mobile. The developer is trying to make another game from a popular series which is the legendary Harvest Moon Game. Harvest Moon Online is the name. It is said to be released in both Android and iOS platform.

This information is first released in Chinese social media, Weibo. In the post, someone had released a trailer and a little image to show what the game is in general. Like any other Harvest Moon game, it seems this game will give us the best visual representation of people living in the farm.

You can see in the image above that you can built your own little farm in your house, fishing and even play with your animals. You could also select your gender in the game.

Since it is said to be Harvest Moon Online, the game will be available to play with your friends, it means that customization is also an option for this game.

Well, either way, this game is a fresh wind to the Mobile game industry where as Battle Royale game and MOBA game is becoming really hype right now. Hopefully, Tencent can die down the flame with this iconic and legendary game!

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