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Like any other game, NetEase Identity V often make an event or an update to make a new content for their player. It is intended to freshen up the gameplay and attract people over the world to play the game. They had made a collaboration with Persona 5 and Junji Ito, it will give us a variation of unique skins! In the next update, Identity V will release a new game mode called ‘Black Jack’

Black Jack is the newest identity game mode that will come in the next update. Inside the game, player will be able to choose 1 hunter and 1 survivor that will be your identity in the game. After wards, you will battle yourself with another player one another. There is no team in this game because we don’t know who will be who.

Now, this game is consist in rounds. Where each rounds will last for 2 minutes. In each rounds player will be given a cards, if you get the highest number, you will be change to your hunter and you can try to hunt the other survivor to exchange your cards.

Another thing that you need to know is that, if the number that you have get over 21, then you will be out in the next game, but if you had exactly 21 in your deck, then you will win the game and escape to the manor. So, depending on the game, you will want to target the your friends to survive and be the first.

This game mode will be up probably in the next update, however we are not sure when will the update get into the global server.

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