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For those people that are busy but still loves wants to play games, then idle RPG Games is probably one of the best game genre for you. But there aren’t many idle RPG game that great to play and fun.

Thankfully, after searching for some time, there is one new idle RPG game created by Visual Arts (the publisher for IPs such as Clannad, and AngelBeats) called Itsuwari no Alice.

Itsuwari no Alice is one of the idle RPG game where you will need to some times check into the game. The game is set in the Fairy tale kinda world. You as the protagonist must adopt one of the three failed Alice and go on an adventure with her. Furthermore, you will find and encounter bunch of beautiful girls from famous fairy tale and go on adventure together.

The game is scheduled for a launch in September 2019, and pre-registration for the game is now open!

So, if you are interested in the game, you could pre-register it now on the official website. The link is available below.

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