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Even before the first month of its release, X-Borg is becoming one of the worse fighter on Mobile Legends history. It is because of its durability that enable him to deal massive damage while maintaining a stand in the battle.

Aside from him, Lylia also becoming one of the worse Mobile Legends Mage aside from Harith. Her ability to deal massive damage in the early to late game all around the match is making her really annoying to deal with. The worst is her ability to recover her health in general that means that she is not easily killed even in the late game.

It seems Moonton realize the problem. Which is why in the next update (the update that has been released in advanced server) they are going nerfed both Lylia and X-Borg in one go!

The first update is for Lylia, where her ultimate Black Shoes will now has increase cooldown at all level for 5s, so you won’t be able to use your ultimate more now. It also have a debuff where after using this skill, you will have a reduced HP regen for 5% and movement bonus that you will get is adjusted to 20%.

The basic damage on her Skill Shadow energy will also be reduced to 90 + Skill level*10, and the explosion damage is adjusted to 225+ Skilllevel*25. It means that her damage in general will be decreased and she will have a harder time to get a good damage for her first blood in the game.

Aside from Lylia, in the next Update, the developers will also nerf X-Borg. Where as now, X-Borg first skill that spew fire can only slow for 30%. So that people will be able to run away from X-Borg much more easily than before.

Now, for the most part, X-Borg is annoying because of his ability to make armor in the middle of war, making him almost un-killable in the game. Added with immortality, he is one heck of an enemy to deal with. And because of that Moonton give him a nerf of his armor and health. Now his HP is reduced from 1288 to 1138, and his armor after he re-equips it will only recover up to 30% only which is a huge nerf. Which means that he won’t be that tanky to kill.

If you are still a bit confuse on the update, you can see the video above for detailed information. Now, what do you guys think regarding the next nerf. Will X-Borg, and Lylia still be OP?

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