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If you are 90s online gamer, then you will most definitely know about a classic PC MMORPG game called Perfect World. Well, the mobile version of the game is out now and it is available to download on Android.

This game is not a direct representation of the old game. It takes the same universe and the feature is similar with the PC representation. Beside you can still play in the same universe, you also could play your favorite class and races from the Original PC version. Such as Human, Winged Elf, and Untamed.

The game boast as one of the best open world game which spans 60.000 kilometers in the game. You can fly around the game and fight in an arial fight, land, or even in the sea. Aside from that, there is also a typical dungeon crawls and PvP where there is a lot of way to fight.

If you are interested in the game, you could download and play it now in the link below.

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App Rating : Perfect World Mobile (Free)

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